Eco & Power Bluetooth Common Rail
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EXCLUSIVE ... "Two separate power channels." Choose power or fuel economy. IMPERDIBLE !!!!

ECO & POWER Only Chiptuning wich two separate power channels, choosing to give more power (POWER) and fuel economy (ECO) at any time of driving.

With Bluetooth Remote Control you can change the map without having to stop the vehicle.

The control signal is encrypted obtaining absolute security.


                      MORE                                          LESS         

   +Optimize injection volume and time.                           - It does notincrease fuel injection pressure.

   + Engine efficiency increases.                                          - It does not affect engine durability.

   +Superior driving comfort.                                               - It is not detectable with diagnostic devices.

   +Improved acceleration and recoveries.                       -No increase in the exhaust gas.

   +Increased torque reducing fuel consumption.           -It doesn't increase turbo pressure.

Increases performance up to 30%

Significant increase in power and torque turning the car sportier.

Direct response acceleration and overtaking.

Fuel savings

Fuel savings up to 1 liter per 100 km.

Lower fuel consumption and more power.

Quik and easy Installation  

Installation time: 10 minutes. Fast uninstall. No Marking.

Includes installation manual with pictures. No special tool necessary. 

It comes configured to use. Equipped with connectors conforming the original.

Digital Technology

Innovative next-generation technology. Specific software for each car.
Memory Flash: 128 kb RAM. Shockproof and waterproof.Led operation indicator. 
The processors are fast and ensuring high quality excellent performance.

Made in Europe  German Technology
We are a dynamic company highly specialized in the production of integrated circuits
for the increased power and consumption optimization in automotive engines.
All products are designed and manufactured in our own development center in accordance
with the priciples of the European Union and are distributed worldwide.

We are present in Europe and America with more than 15years of experience in the tuning market.
Our shipments are made through companies with the highest level of demand in the international market.

We Guarantee two years in any of our products. Our products are returnable.
If you are unhappy with the device`s operation you can return it within 14 days of purchase, and we will refund the cost of the device.